The Great American Job Hiring Experience

At one time, ads would be placed in newspapers for positions.  If a company was accepting applications, an ad would include the name of the recruiter and the address of where you could send your resume.  Hiring Expos are another way for companies to solicit your resume and what was even better than answering an ad was being able to meet someone from a variety of companies whose ads you didn’t notice.  You’d get dressed up, practice conversational questions a prospective employee would ask of an employee and they would take your resume.  You could get rid of every resume you brought as all the companies there will take your resume whether you were qualified or not.  There is always that chance that something could open up because they met you or they would mention and give your resume to the right person in their company.  People do get hired but its for specific job with certain skills.  Employers attend these expos with firms they are in direct competition with because they know that a mass of companies have a better chance of attracting employees than a single company alone placing ads in newspapers.  Don’t miss an opportunity to attend a job expo.

Nowadays you can submit your resume or an online application to websites like Jobs USA,, and a variety of others.  The employers pay these web recruiters to list the jobs available in their company and expect that they will obtain “filtered” and ranked resumes for the best candidates.  This allows companies to reduce expenses of their going through resumes and reading them to find the best suited employee for their positions.  They have replaced a receptionist with a service that uses machine analysis to match resumes to job requirements.  This has put a burden on the hiring manager to write a specific and narrow description of the position needing filling.  The description is what you would be expected to do were you to be hired.  Over time with multiple attempts, they’ve pretty much got that aspect addressed.  Occasionally, they will tweak the descriptions to see how the quantity and quality of applications change.

What is machine analysis?  That is a complex software package companies use that find matching points between your job skills and company job requirements which is a listing of the job skills they expect an employee would have.   Each skill has a weight because some skills are more important than other.  The weights which can include a multiplier for the length of time you’ve utilized this skill.  The weight and multiplier convert a checkmark into a number.  At the end of the machine reading is the assessment which is the summation of all the numbers giving you a ranking.  Google does this using an algorithm to match your query to rank the websites they found.  Let me ask you a question: how often do you read past the first page when searching the web?  Your ranking counts: it decides whether or not you get called in for a personal interview and possibly meeting the department head.

One of your skills would be your education.  If the position you desire lists a specific education level you should have achieved, your best bet is to have that checked off otherwise it will earn you a zero as the assessment.  Sorry to say but even companies whose founder only had maybe a grade school education will expect a higher level of knowledge due to the technological complexity of modern life.

How can you beat the machine analysis?  It’s in the matching.  Various phrases and words listed in the job description are used to match up against your description of yourself.  These are keywords.  Keyword searches are available on various website such as,, finding lists of examples for words with similar phases and meaning.  Enter their keyword and a variety of words will appear so you to use in your resume.   Don’t copy their words verbatim which is easily detectable.  This process can bump your resume ranking higher when matches are detected.


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