Steps to find a Job

Research your job opportunities

The very first step to job hunting is to figure out your skills and search for the job opportunities that fit your skills and interests. Visit websites of the companies that the looking for candidates possessing the same skills and interests like you. Check recruitment and job vacancy websites, social media posts for daily updates.

Write your Resume

Your resume is your marketing document which tells people who you are, what skills and qualifications you possess, your job history and your future potential. Your resume is your only direct communication with a potential employer. It should be written and designed carefully to create a positive impact on the key decision holders.

Create online profiles

Create your profile on professional networking sites like LinkedIn to make yourself visible to the potential employers. Most of these online sites are popular with employers. Highlight your skills to boost your profile on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and many more. Make use of blogs or Instagram to show off your creativity.

Check your social media

Make sure to clean your digital footprint before applying for a job. Maintain your online reputation by searching your name on Google to find out how your profile comes up online. If you don’t want your employers to see something posted on your profile then remove it or make it private.

Apply for jobs

Apply for jobs in the different job search portals which offer jobs from potential employers. Check websites of different companies and go to their career section. Fill out the application form and submit your CV along with a terrific cover letter highlighting your key accomplishments, skills and experience.

Prepare for the interview

It is very important to prepare yourself before applying for your dream job. Do some research about the organization, its key people, products and services. Don’t forget to read about the job profile you are applying for and prepare for the questions you might be asked.

Create a lasting impression

One of the first things which most employers see is your dress code.  So, make sure you dress appropriately to leave a lasting impression in the interview. Don’t miss a chance to tell the interviewer that you are extremely interested in the position. Stay professional in your responses and be organized and alert till the process is over.

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