“…I was apprehensive. I had checked Dr. Tim Johnson’s biography…concerned that someone who’s the same age as my grandparents…not get the struggle that comes with looking for a job today…I was pleasantly surprised…

“The author promises practical advice and delivers on this promise.

“He speaks in a confident tone…helping his readers find a job or get a promotion.

“To make this book work for you, you will need to put in the time and effort to think about who you are.”

by ReaderMaru, 20 Aug 2019,,  3 out of 4 stars.


 “In my opinion, this book is perfect for people with little or no working experience like college graduates.”

by FeelsGud, 19 Aug 2019,,  4 out of 4 stars.


“…provides clear, step-by-step plans with exercises that break down the job-finding process into a logical, all-encompassing almost scientific process, each step building on the last…

I enjoyed…the concise straightforward writing style, relatable examples and lateral thinking techniques that show the jobhunting search in a different light…

“…a lot of useful information is presented with interesting, amusing examples in a relatively short book…

“…the sheer amount of help is insightful and clearly from a professional who knows his field…

“…anybody who wants to ‘up their game’ a little, from all walks of life, would find food for thought and appreciate guidance from a thorough professional.”

by Minnaloushe, 19 Aug 2019,,  4 out of 4 stars.


“…the author included his own experience in the book…very helpful to readers…shifts the tone of the book from academic…to emotional and relatable…important for readers who might be too unmotivated to look for a job.

“His many motivational expressions…descriptions of how to overcome the feeling of failure and hopelessness…add a level of relatability to him…rather than…just being an author instructing his readers on what to do.”

by Laila Hashem, 27 Aug 2019,,  4 out of 4 stars.


“Some people are seeing a recession on the horizon, so this sort of book will only grow more useful in the next months and years.

“It’s interesting to know the book is quite interactive and features advice based on solid experience.”

by Tomah, 31 Aug 2019,, Blog comment.


“I like that you were able to take some of the advice in this book and apply it to your own job search. That is a sign of a well-written self-help book, if the reader can immediately start applying the information being given.

“I think it’s great that the book asks really tough questions of the reader to help them figure out what path they want to take…”

esp1975 wrote 29 Aug 2019, 13:09  Blog comment by a hiring manager.


“I recommend this book to anyone who wants to find a job, to those who have recently graduated from college, like myself, and to those who just want to get to know themselves better…

“I am ready to discover who I am and what I want to pursue as a career, and I hope potential readers will join me in this quest for happiness and success…

“I think it offers necessary information that anyone should know, but that is unfortunately usually neglected in schools.”

by corinaelena, 18 Aug 2019,,  4 out of 4 stars.


”The insight…is not something they teach in classrooms. This is information you only get once you’re out there looking for a job…

“I consider this workbook perfect for people who are new to the labor market and people that don’t have a clear idea about what to expect from the career they are studying…

by Fatima_Palacios, 31 Aug 2019,, 4 out of 4 Stars


“The part I liked the most was the part about re-examining one’s limitations…not allowing such to distract one from achieving their goals.

“The message about creating more opportunities was also timely since I’m planning to delve into a new horizon in my career.”

by Livingstone Ochieng, 04 Sep 2019,, 3 out of 4 Stars


“It is both a textbook and a workbook all-in-one for finding a job.

“I would recommend it as a gift for high school seniors or even juniors.

“This is it has information that has readers look at what they like doing…what they can already do…to find a job that matches their interest.

by AlphasFemale, 31 Aug 2019,, 4 out of 4 Stars