Not Everyone is Perfect

Sometimes your memory may need some brushing up just like a pair of shoes to make them look sparkling clean and sharp.  It doesn’t look good in an interview if your math skills are weak or your verbal skills aren’t putting your best foot forward.

You may need a quick review of basics or just a session with a life coach.  You should know your weaknesses.  If you don’t, look back on your SAT scores.  How could you improve?  If you don’t have a sense of what’s needed take a free evaluation test.   Remember the Adam Sandler’s movie (Billy Madison) where he had to graduate from high school to earn his inheritance so he could run his father’s company?  That could be you and the inheritance you would earn would be a good paying job just like Sandler in the movie. 

If you could afford it, join IXL on the family plan (cheapest) on a monthly basis. Their website is located at  Their free tests are found at:  If you are really hurting, getting a GED is a good first step.  A diploma from an online high school like James Madison High School ( Online/High-School) can help you get into college. 

Sometimes students become bored because they are not challenged in school.  Can you challenger yourself?  Other students blame the teacher or the influence of a peer group.  You can push these problems aside and look at what you need to get ahead.  Is the “hurt” of failure enough to motivate you to disregard reasons from the past and say to yourself, “I can do this.” 

Visit a local high school for information on night school or taking classes at a community college.  When you get there, ignore the age disparity; you’ve got your eyes “on the sparrow.”  You don’t have the time to waste, you’ve got responsibilities and maybe a family counting on you. 

Questions to consider:

  1. What are my long-term, learning/education goals?
  2. What would be a good first step toward this goal?