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Transitioning from a career into retirement is laden with hidden dangers. What is desired is not always achievable. While employed, the world of advancement, continuous employment, career choices, and a paycheck are known and dependable. When retired, situations change and needs can become overwhelming. Isolation is the enemy which is hard to avoid for retirees that have been accustomed to a static reality. Friends they saw everyday are no longer available for conversation and reassuring social contact. Jobs that provided meaning to their lives are gone. They could benefit by seeking a new job. My grandfather and father both retired from several different positions and turned their experiences into new careers as the author has.

When in preparing for retirement and making choices on health care benefits or move to Florida, the well-prepared retiree has a clear sense about what they want or don’t want for their future.   Let´s consider retirement as a final career that is different from what you previously did before you put your papers in. Those with the support of family can rest knowing they can either sit back and relax to enjoy their retirement or have their resume out seeking their retirement position. And let´s also keep in mind that there is no ideal retirement as touted in brochures for retirement communities and others.

Skills that you have acquired in the past may now no longer be needed and fresh approaches are required. You don´t even know if you can learn them. Your physical ability may have changed and long hours are no longer worth the brother. You may find particular positions that once you could handle are quite honestly, not within your scope any longer. Aspects such as these you may find require a complete rethinking of your retirement career. The key is to stay in contact with old friends and make new friends. One day, you may find you only have new friends.

Adding new skills will require learning because you are setting a new goal. This may be something from your past like a favorite activity that you were not able to pursue as a career before. But while retired with reduced financial income this pursuit can make perfect sense if you can afford it. It can also bring a lot of emotional satisfaction in allowing yourself to pursue a dream. You can now indulge yourself in a pursuit that previously was frivolous or too risky.

You may find that undertaking a business opportunity while daunting eliminates filling out an application. While you could go broke, you will learn lessons the finest business schools charge hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn. You´ll be promoting your business, thereby meeting all kinds of new people, some of whom will become friends. You are building resource avenues that with your background can lead you to success.

For those to whom these topics are of interest, the author´s book, ¨Finding a Job in Tough Times¨, may be of interest because your journey into retirement is just like finding your first job. Visit the author´s website: for more information.


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