Points To Keep In Mind While Job Hunting

Searching for a job is difficult. For most people, it’s hard — for me, for you, for your friend or your friend’s friend. I cannot inform if your experience is better or worse than anybody else, nor I can tell you that you’re going to end up where you wanted to be right away. But I can inform you that you are not alone.  I asked many people to be honest and open about how they felt during this stage. All of them shared moments when most of them have hated the entire process, the HR manger, interviewer and also themselves. All of us have gone through worries that we might not be able to land a single job. But all that stress and frustration will ultimately lead to a true profession in life. You may not get a job for a lot of reasons. Perhaps somebody else counted more boxes than you did. Perhaps an inner applicant fulfilled the place. Perhaps the interviewer had an off day during the interview that clouded his or her opinion of you during the interview session.

But after each rejection we only start blaming ourselves which only lowers our self confidence. These kinds of judgments ignore the reality that as individuals, with all types of strengths and weaknesses, and we are all constantly evolving and learning.

Hearing “no” is not a judgment about who you are. It’s just something that occurred. What really counts is how you react when it occurs. All you have to understand is, it is actually a process. Even if you get a hundred rejections while going through the process, you should not stop believing in yourself. You may need to expand your quest or be imaginative about how you are selling yourself. You may need to take advantage of your network or even take a jump of faith and apply entirely out of the box for something. The point is, without moving all the way from zero to 99 percent first, you will never reach 100 percent. Things may be hard right now, but it only implies that you’ve come across hard moments and struggled with hard conditions, and you’ve discovered a way through.  A long job search can be tiring, but don’t lose hope and nourish your head with continual learning that bends your thinking. Last but not the least; speak to people who have received good job offers before and learn the tactics.

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