Making Your Move

Tik Tok, the application, has been making all sorts of news for the past year for various reasons.  The application is a video version of Simon Says that your grandparents played without the drama of being caught up with a wrong move.  It teaches synchronization, helps train the visual memory, and improve coordination.  For many people, it is a novelty and entertainment, little more than a trivial exercise; for others, it brings an awareness of self that is new.  When you were born, your awareness of self was blank because you had nothing to compare your birth to; otherwise, you would have exclaimed, “What was that?”  We spend the rest of our lives seeking that level of nirvana.  It could be said the story of Adam and Eve being expelled from the Garden of Eden is an attempt to bring meaning to the birth experience.  From nothing mankind came into being.

The creation of life permeates our whole being.  It’s not your fault as your unaware self was wiggling, kicking, and practicing somersaults when suddenly you found yourself in a new situation with no knowledge of how you got there.  Every day, henceforth, as you journey through life, you find yourself in new situations where you decide whether to go right or left, it’s your choice.  Your memory helps you decide based on past experiences which is the better choice, and your experience (intuition) helps you evaluate new situations (opportunities).  Learning assists your intuition by instructing your sense of well being of choices you could make in a yet to be acquired experience.  All learning is a history lesson of life being revealed one step at a time.  The trick is to see the unfolding of that new experience at that moment as your nearness to creation as at-the-moment of your birth.  All your experiences taken together are your creative experience.  Life lived to the fullness of your awareness is your creative endeavor.

You may need some challenges to increase opportunities to experience your creative endeavor.  Consider a program Dr. Tim Johnson developed called “Six Step to a Paycheck” in his book: Finding a Job in Tough Times.  Visit for more information about this reflective workbook.

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