Goals, Focus, and Life After 21

Congratulations on turning 21, if not soon then at some point in the past.  Perhaps you had some issues in your past you are not proud about.  Now, you can stand trial as an adult or be sued for damages…do not screw up.  How do you do that?  Have a dream and a focus.  The dream is your goal in life.  You can have multiple goals.  Having a good career can help facilitate the other goals, such as, owning a beach house or just being able to afford a meal.  Dreams are cheap, they do not cost anything.  The focus is where you pay.  Getting through high school and for some going to college are practical exercises that many people have experienced.  You do not have to go to college to be smart about life’s choices.

A focus is a lens that allow you to evaluate everything you do in terms of the goal.  Everything you do, such as going to the bathroom, can be an opportunity to focus.  I keep books/magazines nearby that allow me to snatch a moment or two refreshing my mind and keeping up with new developments in my field of electronics.  I keep a small journal where daily I write down what I have done to achieve my goals.  The TV shows I watch are either relaxing or something focused on science.  For example, nature shows on NOVA TV display the extent dedicated people will do to follow their goals in life and often show the impact of new technology.  There are lots of opportunities in life to be the change agent or be adversely affected by the change.  The only guarantee in life is change.

The key to keeping your focus on target is on the selection of your goal.  Having a passion to achieve your goal tests your tenacity.  Ingenuity is required to assess roadblocks along the way.  A worthwhile goal will not go away.  Surmounting difficulties is in the nature of mankind.   Achieving your goal and the journey brings with it a sense of purpose and challenge.

In this blog, I have introduced you to a few terms to help you get a perspective on a path forward in your journey to your first goal.  I have also used several terms that are common to sports.  The implementation does not have to be all or nothing because the human condition vacillates where what was good yesterday may not work tomorrow.  Keep yourself in the now and assess your progress over time between where you were, where you are now, and what you think achievement of your goal will bring.  This is not an overnight trip.  Plans are essential for the long haul.

You can get started today.  There is no cost.  This blog is an adaptation of lesson I have learned in my life.   I have developed a program called “Six Step to a Paycheck” in my book: Finding a  Job in Tough Times.  Visit www.findingajob.net for more information about this reflective workbook.

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