Choose The Right Career With Career Testing

You get so depressed, that you start doubting if you will ever be able to land a job. Or you feel completely clueless about finding the right career from thousands of choices. Choosing the right path seems next to impossible. At times, you get confused about which career option you would be good at and at other times, you start thinking what kind of a career would give you satisfaction. With thousands of choices out there it might seem nearly impossible to select your preferred career. Does it sound familiar? If so, you’re a nice career test applicant.

You must have learned about career tests, and perhaps you might have even taken one in high school. They are usually called inventories, as they are not exams with correct or incorrect responses. However, if you use it wisely, you can have a clearer idea of who you are, and where you belong. It is essential to know that no career test can ever tell what you should do; instead it will simply offer you some insight into different occupations that you may want to explore considering your skills, interests and abilities.

Different testing options available include:

Strong Interest Inventory (SII):

Strong Interest Inventory concerns about your interests and the things you like doing. This inventory makes you answer some questions regarding various types of activities, and then it suggests you with general ideas about the different professions you might like to address. You get a clear vision of your interests in six wide areas: Social (helping and instructing); conventional (processing data, accounting); Artistic (enjoying or creating art); investigative (analyzing or researching); enterprising (selling, managing); and realistic (repairing or building).

Self-Directed Search (SDS):

Self Directed Search is similar to SII but it is much shorter and quicker. It is a tool which assess your interests towards the above six fields.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI):

The Myers – Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) measures your character— essentially, what ticks you. It helps you gain insights about how you work and make decisions.

Career Ability Placement Survey (CAPS):

The Career Ability Placement Survey (CAPS) comprises eight, five minutes test to measure one’s vocationally relevant abilities (mechanical reasoning, verbal reasoning, language usage, word knowledge, numerical ability, perpetual speed and accuracy, dexterity and manual speed) that are related to perform a job.

The results you get are not going to give you anything. They will, however, point you towards possibly fruitful directions, one of which you may decide to pursue.

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