Aspects to be Aware of in a Job Interview

The very idea of selling yourself during a job interview can daunting even if you are expert in this field. You don’t want to sound hopeless, arrogant, stupid, corny, or worse. The job interview is about self-promote in a compelling way. But with little effort, you can learn how to speak about yourself confidently — especially about your abilities, knowledge, and professional achievements.

Many recruiting executives first impression of you is based on what you wear.  Wear a smile…and the right attire depending upon the type of job you have applied.

Your body language shapes who you are and what you sell. While presenting yourself to the recruiter, your eye contact, hand movements, non-verbal cues, attitude and sound of voice are very critical.

Have a self-introduction of 30- to 60-seconds ready in advance that corresponds to what the company’s needs and the job responsibilities they are looking for before going for the interview.

You should always do a thorough research on the company by checking the company website, social media pages and also read their mission beforehand.

You can expect to be asked behavioral questions from your past work experiences for instance—“Tell me about a moment when you’ve endured a setback” or questions like—Tell me about a time when you have had to cope up with a hard co-worker”. This is the time when most job seekers stumble.

Provide real feedbacks you have received in your past work experiences, about how you solved a problem and how your ex boss still raves about you to his colleagues. Tell them about the awards you have received and quantify your achievements.

In case you are not that comfortable about saying good things about yourself in an interview, then read this book Finding a job in tough times by Dr. Tim Johnson.  The exercises in this workbook will assist you find ways to express who you are and provide a great deal more information about getting your dream job.

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