About the Author of Finding a Job in Tough Times

Dr. Tim Johnson, PE

Dr. Tim Johnson is blessed with a highly successful career that began in 1964 and is still going strong to this day. In 2002, Dr. Tim Johnson held a position in higher education. It was during this time when he realized that students were having a hard time finding work, which was made even more difficult because of the economic downturn. This served as the catalyst for him to write his book.

Our Philosophy

Whether you are seizing a line, dissonant ideas, or just tying up loose ends, there is a step-by-step procedure that brings all the parts into order, and in that unity, there is strength.

Dr. Tim Johnson’s Credentials

Everything that Dr. Tim Johnson talks about and writes about, he has done. He bases his theories on his real life experiences, which include earning a doctorate in computing and having extensive expertise in electrical engineering and consulting. In addition, he is a licensed mariner and a published author who has written several books, including Finding a Job in Tough Times.

Dr. Tim Johnson’s Background

I taught over 3300 students at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, MA electronic technology and electrical engineering courses from 2000 to 2015 before retiring to pursue a doctoral program at Pace University, NY finishing in 2018.


What Dr. Tim Johnson Can Do For You

In Finding a Job in Tough Times, you will read about several practical ways that can help you find gainful employment. We make sure that your learning doesn’t end with your purchase of our book. Through our program, you can sign up for one-on-one consultations and seminar meetings. Dr. Tim Johnson also conducts online lectures.

Let Us Help You Find a Job

By establishing a partnership between the reader and the author, we can help you develop useful skills and approaches that will serve you well. Buy our book today and let’s get started!